Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Q:  Why does your website ask me to adopt streets rather than people?
A:  Good question!  When we pray for streets, we should also pray for the people who live, work, and travel along these streets.  Every time a street is adopted in your city, you are advancing the Kingdom of God in a very tangible way.  Once you have prayed for a street for a few weeks or months, you may find yourself developing a prayer burden for individuals and organizations along that street.  Recognize that the presence of God comes into a city in stages.  Go to the Background , Scriptures, and More Information links on our Home Page to learn more about praying for your city and/or nation.

2. Q: Is it OK if I have a burden to adopt a street that has already been adopted?
A:  Absolutely!  Maybe you live at one end of the street, and the other person lives at the other end.  Or perhaps theres a big apartment building or complex on your street, which needs more than one person praying for it.  Remember that the ultimate goals are (1) to have at least one person praying for every single individual living in Newark and, (2) ideally, for each individual to know who specifically is praying for him or her.  These goals are described in the book, Prayer Evangelism, which is listed in the More Information link.  Adopting a street is just the first step toward achieving these long-term objectives.

3. Q:  Are there other cities and/or nations where people are praying for streets or neighborhoods?
A:  Absolutely.  Experts estimate that more than 800 cities around the world are undergoing transformation through prayer at this time.  Some of these transformation movements involve entire nations.
4.Q:  I would like to begin to pray for a street, but Im not very knowledgeable about the Bible.  Is this a problem?  Where can I learn more about how to study the Bible?
A: Not a problem at all!  Just send an email to World Impact, and one of our staff will be glad to    help you with these important questions.
5.Q:  What is World Impact?
A: World Impact is a Christian missions organization dedicated to ministering God's love in the inner cities of America. Its purpose is to honor and glorify God and delight in Him in the inner cities by knowing God and making Him known.
World Impact ministers cross-culturally to people unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, follow-up, discipleship and indigenous church-planting.
World Impact empowers urban disciples; training leadership for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
Our Ministry is:
Incarnational -- Our missionaries live in the communities where they minister.
Evangelical -- We present Christ to the unchurched through Bible clubs, Bible studies and worship services.
Discipleship-oriented -- We nurture people to maturity in Christ and train them to teach others.
Compassionate -- We demonstrate the gospel we declare by providing:
- Christian elementary and middle schools
- Emergency food, clothing, medicine and shelter
- Christian camping and retreats
- Job training
- Tutoring
- Sports and recreation programs
- Medical and dental clinics
You may call World Impact/Newark Christian School @ 973-483-3833 9am-3pm, Mon-Fri

6.Q:  What is The Caring Network Volunteer Services?
A:  The Caring Network Volunteer Services (TCNVS) is a New Jersey-based nonprofit organization that initiates special projects and programs to advance the Kingdom of God.  Write to or  for more information about TCNVS. 
7.Q:  What organization supports this website?
A:  This website is administered through the Metro Christian Web Design a part of Metro Christian Ministries.  Metro Christian is located in , Newark, New Jersey, and seek to operate a media training center with a goal to train adults and young adults in PCs, Macs,TV Video Production and Graphic and Web DesignTechnology., It will be a New-Jersey based nonprofit organization that provides technological services  throughout the city of Newark.Go to the Metro Christian link or you can contact them at 862-888-8238.
8. Q: How can I make a financial contribution to these organizations?
A: If you would like to make a financial contribution to support the administration and future website enhancements for, send an email message through the Contact Us link on the Home Page.  Or write to one of the individual contributors as mentioned in the answers to questions 6 - 8 above if you would like to contribute to other initiates sponsored by World Impact, The Caring Network Volunteer Services.,
9. Q: Can my church/business/nonprofit organization adopt a street in Newark?
A: Absolutely!  If your organization wants to adopt a street, neighborhood, or grid in Newark, just send us an email message using the Contact Us link on the Home Page.
10. Q:What changes have these cities and nations seen after people begin to pray for the Kingdom of God to enter in?
A: Check the More Information references for testimonies and documentation about cities and nations that have undergone transformation.  Or contact one of the sponsoring organizations for this website if youd like to talk with us personally.
 11. Q:Is someone available from the sponsoring organizations to talk about at a future meeting at my church/business/nonprofit organization?
A: Yes, just send us an email about your organizations interest.
12. Q: Im not from Newark but would like to see a similar website developed for my city.  How can this be accomplished?
A: If you would like a web design we will help you do this.  You can contact MetroChristian Web Design for technical support through the link below.  If your questions are about how to organize and manage this type of website, send us an email through the Contact Us link, and someone from the sponsoring organizations will get back to you.
13. Q: I have some ideas about how your website can be improved.  Is there a way I can provide feedback to you?
A: Great! Just send us your ideas through the Contact Us page.  We sincerely welcome your interest and feedback on  We would also like to hear testimonies about how prayer is changing the spiritual climate on your street or in other parts of Newark.

15.       Fairmount
16.       Lower Roseville
17.       Forest Hill
18.       Mount Pleasant/Lower Broadway
19.       North Broadway
20.       Upper Roseville
21.       Seventh Avenue

Dr. Bernard Wilks is the 
Founder of Dominion 
Fellowship Ministries 
and the Overseer for 
He is Associate Pastor at 
Metropolitan Baptist Church and 
has been active in numerous 
outreach ministries in Newark 
for more than twenty years.

Dr. Lloyd Turner is a 
Co-Founder of 
PrayForNewark and 
author of the book, 
Highways of Holiness: 
Preparing the Way for the Lord and The Street Adopters Handbook coauthored with Joanne Turner.

Joanne Turner, APN,  Is a 
Co-Founder of PrayForNewark 
and President of 
The Caring Network 
Volunteer Services, 
which has been leading prayer 
and outreach activities in the 
Greater Newark area since 1995.

PrayForNewark is a prayer movement, not an organization that seeks political power or economic gain.  It is run by Newarkers in partnership with people from surrounding communities.  We believe that Newark has a rich historical and spiritual heritage that can bring hope and blessings to communities across New Jersey and indeed around the world.  Please prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to join more than 1000 others who are praying for one of Newarks streets on a daily basis.  There is a fresh wind of God blowing in Newark today and you can be a part of it! Call us by phone at

 908-487-0714 for more information.

PrayForNewark is a prayer movement that seeks to bless everyone who lives, works, or worships in Newark through positive prayers in the name of Jesus.  

This movement is a coalition of Dominion Fellowship Ministries, World  Impact-Newark, The Caring Network Volunteer Services, and transformational ministries located throughout the Newark area.
People have been praying for Newark ever since the city was established in 1666.  In fact, the City's Puritan Founders dedicated Newark to be As nearly as possible, a kingdom of God on earth.  What this means is that Christians have always been praying to see righteousness, peace, and joy manifested in the lives of Newarks citizens, as the Apostle Paul described in Romans 14:17.  We believe that when Gods people pray for these things, He will bring hope, health, and provision to all citizens of Newark.
When PrayForNewark began in 2007, the city was struggling with problems related to crime and public safety.  Through the answers to our prayers and those of countless others, we have seen the crime rate drop dramatically and the spiritual climate become more positive.  In fact, as the word about PrayForNewark has traveled across the U.S. and around the world, leaders from more than 20 cities in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia have contacted us requesting information about how they can set up Adopt-a-Street initiatives in their own communities.

8.         University Heights
9.         West Side Park
10.       Homestead Park
11.       Weequahic Park
12.       Clinton Hill
13.       Ivy Hill
14.       Vailsburg

Pastor David Ingersoll is 
a missionary with 
World Impact-Newark and a 
Co-Founder of PrayForNewark. 
 He and his wife Carol are 
long-term Newark residents 
and lead a Hispanic 
congregation in Newark.

Call Us: +1.908-487-0714

Newark Neighborhoods

1.          Central Business District
2.          Airport/Port Newark
3.          North Ironbound
4.          South Ironbound
5.          South Broad Street
6.          Dayton
7.          Springfield/Belmont